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Kasım 24th, 2015

The European Culture and Economy Platform

Venice Meeting: “Culture, Economy and Social Responsibility”

3rd of June 2011, Thetis, Arsenale, Venice, Italy.

The European Culture and Economy Platform is a European-wide platform of individuals from the culture and economic sectors which functions as a think-tank to develop common strategies, actions and policy proposals and concrete recommendations to ensure the sustainable development of Europe, its regions, its cities and communities in a global contest. It is a unique civil society project that is based on the “European agenda for culture in a globalizing world” COM (2007) 242 final and represents its concrete and far reaching implementation of the claim: culture must become a component of any European policy and Europe’s relations with the world.

The European C&E Platform is a long term project of the “A Soul for Europe”initiative and its partners in the culture and economic sectors. The need to build such a platform was formulated during the “A Soul for Europe” Berlin Conference in 2008, on the basis of which it was planned to create this platform in four stages by a series of meetings in Istanbul, Berlin, Venice and Brussels.

The first action was taken with “A Soul for Europe” Istanbul Forum: “Global Challenges, Cultural Visions” in October 2010. This  joint endeavour co-organized in partnership with the European Cultural Association in Istanbul, Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, TUSIAD -Turkish Industrialists‘ and Businessmen’s Association, BDI Kulturkreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft brought together highly-ranking personalities from the fields of business, politics and non governmental organisations as well as a large group of engaged young Europeans from many different countries including the members of the “A Soul for Europe” – Strategy Group the initiative’s strategic heart. One of the main result of the Istanbul Forum is that a consensus among all participants has been reached on the necessity to arrive to a common vision among all actors in society to coherently address global challenges. It is, therefore, crucial that the business sector, the non governmental organisations as well as the individual citizens take active responsibility, together with the political decision makers, in the process of the European development facing global challenges such as the economical and financial crisis, socio-cultural tensions, worldwide threat of climate change and danger of losing cultural diversity. A comprehensive book was published on the Forum outcomes –aiming to be the basis for the further steps of creating the platform (more info at: www.europist.net/asfe).

The second step has been  the Berlin Conference: Towards a Citizens’ Europe, which took place in November 2010. In this occasion Mr. Arendt Oetker, the Vice President of BDI expressed the need for a continuous and structured dialogue in order to find a common language between business and culture actors.

The Venice meeting on the 3rd of June 2011 will be the next step to strengthen the dialogue among the actors, and proceed with the implementation of the Platform. The choice of this date and place is not a co-incidence. It is one day before the opening of the 54th Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennial, which is the first and the best known cultural event in the world having a substantial economic dimension in many respects. It is a symbol of the interaction between culture and economy since a century, and it gathers several personalities form the culture and business sectors at the same time, in the same place. Therefore, the Venice meeting aims at bringing new actors and new points of view into the platform project and fostering its visibility. The meeting’s discussions will  focus on “Culture, Economy and Social Responsibility”with the goal of identifying  new ways of relationship and concrete collaboration between actors  from the filed of culture and business.

The Venice Meeting is organized by „A Soul for Europe“ Initiative in cooperation with ZONA, Thetis, Venice Industrialists‘ Association – Confindustria Venezia, European Cultural Association (Istanbul), Felix Meritis Foundation (Amsterdam) and Stiftung Zukunft Berlin.

For the program and registration please visit http://venice.europist.net/

website: www.asoulforeurope.eu/what/ecep

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145209228881370

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