Artcitizens’ Shop

Kasım 23rd, 2015

With the collaboration of European Cultural Association, BM Suma Contemporary Art Center, Chameleon Design and Project Management and all participating designers.
Artcitizens’shop is a parallel event of 11th Istanbul Biennial. Designers from various disciplines are opening a shop for 60 days during the İstanbul biennial. Artcitizens aiming to create temporary spaces where designers can share their personal suggestions on design and beyond, will open a shop in Amsterdam on May 2010, in Sinop on August 2010 and then in Venice on June 2011.

DSC06537_k DSC06533_k DSC06647_k DSC06643_k Shop1 Shop2  shop_150dpi DSC06610_k DSC06550_k Shop3 DSC06546_k

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