European Cultural Association

European Cultural Association (Avrupa Kültür Derneği) is an independent non-profit NGO based in Istanbul aiming at strengthening cultural communication, cooperation and exchange at local, national and international levels for raising cultural awareness and development of the society.

European Cultural Association has been established in March 2003 by individual members of diverse professions who give great importance to the roles of culture within the society.

In its first 10 years, European Cultural Association has been dealing with the issues of cultural management and policies and focussing on strengthening the role of the non-profit, independent cultural actors within the sector by networking among themselves, by means of creating links with other disciplines and sectors; building international links, integrating into European networks, producing and exchanging knowledge as well as advocacating. The tools to achieve those objectives are meetings, conferences, seminars, forums, artistic, cultural and educational projects.

Since the first edition of Sinopale, Sinop International Biennial which is a participatory art event in the small Blacksea City of Sinop, its focus has turned also towards the role of culture and civil society for local and urban development, and pro-active citizenship. Its experience in this field grew with its different roles during the process of preparation and implementation of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture. European Cultural Association is the initiators of the project “HAL, Sinop Center for Sustainable Development”.

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